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Crazy’s Jurassic Baby

It is human to expect a human to grow one day old every day. But if a baby grows three years old every day after its birth and reaches almost 30 years by the time of discharge from the maternity hospital what will happen.? The floodgates of humour would be heartily opened if Crazy Mohan writes the script.

Maadhu and Mythli are a happily married couple except for the fact that they are not bestowed with any children. A Maanthric from Allepey prescribes an herbal medicine for begetting children. As it turns out he has committed a gross blunder in its formulation which renders the new born with the strange phenomenon as narrated in the beginning.

Though the Scientists cum medicologists manage to arrest the super growth, yet, Maadhu and Mythli are left with a Jurassic Baby who is mentally ten days old but physically 35 years old. The strange experience of the parents to bring up such a baby cum man is told with rip roaring humour.

How routines which start from the basics of feeding, schooling, playing, and then moving to higher levels such as employment, love and marriage could be managed for such a baby is unfurled with enormous laughter bombs.

The Jurassic Baby’s very close resemblance to Maadhu’s brother in law Cheenu brings in its own share of confusions through Cheenu’s fiance falling in love with Jurassic Baby thinking that it is Cheenu. How the Maanthric remedies his mistake and how the Jurassic Baby becomes a normal baby forms rest of the rip roaring story line.


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