Crazy Kishkintha -DVD

Crazy Kishkintha
Drama Name : Crazy Kishkintha -DVD
Artiste : Crazy Mohan, Maadhu Balaji, Cheenu Mohan,Subramaniam
Price : Rs. 275

Crazy Mohan’s – Crazy Kishkintha – DVD

This brain child of Crazy mohan is a very clear evidence of the ace humorist’s ‘Out of the World’ thinking prowess. Imagine a law suit which reopens the epical debate in Load Rama bringing down from his hiding place, the invincible Vaali. The face that it is a divine wish to be a debut case for a novice of a Lawyer in Chennai who has been fervently seeking the blessings of Lord Rama for a better career and to be countered by his own Junior adds a lively dimension to the whole proceedings. Crazy Mohan himself appears in the climax to provide an unexpected ‘twist in that tail’ to the intriguing case. It us a well guarded secret. now revealed, that the climax was designed based on the impeccable point made by the Harikatha Legend Brahmashri.T.S.Balakrishna Sastrigal.

Disc Format System Region Laguage Duration
Disc 1 DVD NTSC ALL TAMIL 1hr31 min’s
Disc 2 DVD NTSC ALL TAMIL 1hr36 min’s
Laugh your Heart Out. Do thank us if your intellect
too gets an unexpected spark
Direction : S.B.Khanthan
Script : Crazy Mohan
Singer : S.P.Balasubramanian
Music : Ramesh Vinayakam
Lyrics : Su.Ravi
Editing & Visual Effectys : V.Krishna Kumar DFT
Production : Kashyap Products & V K V Visions


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