Chocolate Krishna

The story revolves around Madhu, a sales executive in a company that manufactures chocolates.
Despite his hard work, he does not get rewarded appropriately. He has several problems at his home –
a father who is an aspiring flautist, an unmarried sister and a grandmother who involves herself in petty
thefts. Madhu, a staunch devotee of Lord Krishna, is hopeful that the Almighty will help him overcome all
his problems. Finally Lord Krishna himself arrives to rescue Madhu.!

Crazy’s Jurassic Baby

It is human to expect a human to grow one day old every day. But if a baby grows three years old every day after its birth and reaches almost 30 years by the time of discharge from the maternity hospital what will happen.? The floodgates of humour would be heartily opened if Crazy Mohan writes the script.

Crazy’s Meesai Aanalum Manaivi

Written by ‘Crazy’ Mohan, this is a riotous comedy play that revolves round Maadhu and the hilarious situations he gets into on account of his frequent but harmless lies. There is Ramanujam, Madhu’s 40- plus unmarried brother-in-law who falls in love at first sight with every second woman he comes across; Seenu, Madhu’s colleague at work who lands him in more trouble in the name of helping him; Mythili, the spinster from Delhi madly in love with Maadhu, unaware of his marital status; her trigger-happy brother-an army officer who complicates issues by his indiscretion. Each character is unique and abundantly contributes to the chaos.

Crazy’s Maadhu +2

Maadhu goes on a helping spree extending assistance to people around. He takes pity on a girl with hearing impairment and tries to marry her off to his friend, Cheenu. This creates a lot of confusion and misunderstanding before things are sorted out to everybody’s relief and our amusement.

Crazy Kishkintha

This brain child of Crazy Mohan is a very clear evidence of the ace humorist’s ‘Out of the World’ thinking prowess. Imagine a law suit which reopens the epical debate in Lord Rama bringing down from his hiding place, the invincible Vaali. The face that it is a divine wish to be a debut case for a novice of a Lawyer in Chennai who has been fervently seeking the blessings of Lord Rama for a better career and to be countered by his own Junior adds a lively dimension to the whole proceedings. Crazy Mohan himself appears in the climax to provide an unexpected ‘twist in that tail’ to the

Return of Crazy Thieves

Maadhu who hails from an orthodox family is in love with a girl of another faith. He tries every trick to get the approval of his adamant father which results in comical chaos. The issue is further compounded with the arrival of a bunch of crazy thieves.

Crazy’s Madhil Mel Maadhu

Maadhu-Cheenu, the comical duo get married to Mythili-Janaki. Maadhu finds Mythili, an innocent village girl unsuitable to him. Their conflict ridden married life is on bumpy course constantly moving from one funny situation to the other. How the misunderstandings are resolved and happiness returns to their life is narrated with a sparkling wit and spontaneity.

Crazy’s Oru Babien Diary Kurippu

This drama presents the humorous escapades of Maadhu-Janaki couple. They need to have a baby just to prevent the death of Maadhu’s grandfather as predicted in an old ancestral diary. Their search takes them through some hilarious moments involving new places and personalities.